Kelly O'Brien: Artist in Residence

Kelly O'Brien: Artist in Residence

The opportunity to work with glass artist Fiaz Elson at The Glass Foundry has been a catalyst for introducing warm glass into my mixed media sculpture practice. Building on the research I did for my MA Fine Art, my aim has been to become more knowledgeable and confident in translating my ideas from sketchbook, to materials testing, to scaled-up completed projects.

The residency , over several months, has allowed us to test and develop ideas methodically, with time and space to experiment in multiple directions (fusing, slumping, casting). The studio is very well-equipped and I had access to all the equipment and guidance as to their use when needed.  Which has allowed for learning and integration in a sustainable format that builds over time.

This time with Fiaz at The Glass Foundry has been steadily rewarding, with each day in residence adding to my knowledge and skill with warm glass. It has been particularly satisfying at a time when so many other opportunities have disappeared during the pandemic.

Images of Kelly's work during the residency - Glass with mixed materials such as synthetic fiber, concrete, silicone, beeswax, hydrangea seed heads. Copyright Kelly M O'Brien ©2020

Supported by the The Glass Lab residency Kelly will be exhibiting at Fresh Air Sculpture Show in June and July 2021.

You can see more examples of Kelly's work here.