Kiln Casting: 3-day course: 24th - 26th April 2020


"Kiln Casting" well known for its beauty in its solid form, is a growing market in the art world.

We will encourage students to experiment and find their own personal expressions. This three-day course is open to all levels of ability and complements the mould making masterclass'.

This inventive, fun and experimental course will explore mould-making techniques and shape manipulations to create dynamism and illusions within your glass design. Students on this course will focus on the form, interior space, texture and creating reflections within the glass.

We will teach you the whole process of casting a form in glass from design to model making in polystyrene, clay and wax to firing the piece. This will be an intensive and focussed look at what’s possible to achieve in a short space of time.

The emphasis will be on working with closed and open mould techniques to achieve a three-dimensional piece of work.

Please note castings will be limited in size to 6 students.

The course will be taught by an experienced glassmaker.