Kiln Casting Masterclass with Fiaz Elson: Colour Flow - 4th - 8th May 2020


Colour Flow - Captivating Light and Space

This 5-day course will focus on the interior space and colour processes involved in kiln casting. The emphasis of the course will be casting using colour billets pre-made, glass powders/oxides and veiling processes to explore the alchemy of glass.

We will experiment with different techniques using the flow of glass to create movement, twists, and lines within the glass. You will also experiment with the colour blocking technique of using layers of glass to form a linear or undulated pattern that reveals a gradient of colour when cast, creating an interplay between glass, light, and space.

Well known for her beautiful use of colour and simplistic forms in cast sculpture, Fiaz will encourage students to experiment and find their own personal expressions to further enhance and experiment with shape, using various model-making techniques. 

An inventive and experimental course - exploring mould-making techniques, colour manipulations, and information on cold-working finishing.

There will also be theory sessions and demonstrations covering all the essential topics and students can bring there work or images to show if they wish.

Some of the areas covered will be:

  • kiln casting open mould techniques,
  • model making in a variety of materials i.e. polystyrene, wax, plaster, clay etc..
  • lost wax moulds
  • refractory mould recipies,
  • firings and annealing schedules.

Expect an intensive, creative, fun workshop, packed with information and possibilities.

There will be a limit of 6 students.