Scholarship Recipient: Nissa Nishikawa

Scholarship Recipient: Nissa Nishikawa

Nissa Nishikawa used her scholarship to produce glass artefacts to use in her ritualistic performance art, reflecting the breadth and depth of the work that goes on here at the Glass Lab.

"There was a hum of joy in the air leading up to our week with the The Glass Lab - ceremonies with plants from Peru and observing handcrafted clay objects and an offering from a Japanese deer; foreseeing these transformed into obsidianesque black glass.

Fiaz Elson choreographed the week of work together immaculately. The curation between myself, Ayesha Tan-Jones and Gill Hobson felt to be a trine synastry with our alignments and differences, openly working alongside each other to enhance our practices and manifest visions

Tools for precision, materials of alchemy, undivided attention and colours to unleash the imagination was the greatest gift we could receive after stretching out from a long, hard winter quarantine.

Eternally grateful for Fiaz and Jade."