Scholarship Recipient: Antonio Fois

Scholarship Recipient: Antonio Fois

Antonio Fois  is a ceramic artist who creates sculptural and functional pieces in stoneware and porcelain and combines them through organic materials.  Now, after his time with the Glass Lab, he also incorporates glass.

"During my studies at the RCA, in a time where facilities, in particular for glass, have been shut because of Covid, I’ve had the great opportunity of doing the weekly residency at the Glass Foundry.

It has been an incredible experience where I finally could experiment hands on with glass in particular exploring the relation between ceramics and glass. I’ve been looking at symbiotic relationships using the ceramic as a mould and slumping the glass on it, a process not very common, where the control of the final result is quite often unexpected. The kiln firing has part of the agency which opens up the space for a new aesthetic.

I’ve been also making cast glass, having the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge related to the process.

Together with the insightful technical support which was incredibly helpful, we had an absolutely vibrant and exciting week where we could share different approaches and methodologies and at the same time have great conversations about our vision, position and experiences in a very good atmosphere.

I hope to have the opportunity to develop a broader project with which I now feel more comfortable and independent in all the process.

Thank you so much to the Glass Foundry, hope to see you all again soon."