Artist in Residence: Estabrak

Artist in Residence: Estabrak

Estabrak  is an independent and progressive cross-disciplinary artist, film maker and facilitator, whose work brings visibility to marginalised communities, everyday experiences and people.  

"I am unsure of how best to describe what The Glass Foundry residency has meant to me and my practice at this time, other then to say it was as if seeds had been planted in all aspects of my body and mind.

Never having worked with glass in this capacity before, I have to say that I have come to learn that working with glass also means working with clay, wax, plaster, wood, tools, powders, glues, light and dark and most importantly the depths of your imagination.

It’s the unpredictability of glass and it’s own natural improvisation of settlement which really excites me and translates well to the line of my work when it comes to working with water.

It’s been an honor to have this opportunity to reconnect with my first love - sculpture - and to examine and play with the relationship glass has to both water and to (my) human emotion. The residency here has played a critical part in my current collection of works and practice where I am examining the relationship between self and expectation, love, family, homophobia, environment, water and the written text. Through it, I am continuing to explore how works can relate to audience through potential interactive installation.

Fiaz is offering an incredibly generous experience with the Glass Foundry and both her and Jade have been phenomenal in helping hold both creative and critical space for our development as artists. An iempowering residency to remember - I can’t wait to go back and learn some more."